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By Robert Ellis

This is me and a good hunting buddy...His name is Barry vannoy. We are from North Texas where varmit hunting is becomeing very popular. Around our town the Varmits are hunted a lot by new hunters who basically hunt right after dark. So because me and my buddy found out that the yotes where getting really call shy during those hours right after sunset until about midnight,
we tried another tactic. We got up one morning about 2:30am and called until about 0900am. It worked. The first yote we called up was about 0300am and we
used a handheld hydels cottontail destress. He came in about 5 minnutes after the first scream. He was taken down by my buddies 220 swift at 100 yards. We actually didn't see him. A Killdee gave away his position by making its warning whistle. We swung the red lensed light around and there
he was. The rest is history. We called the rest of the night. Calling up 2 bobcats and 1 other yote. All those varmits where saw and we let all 3 outsmart us. Well 2 did and the one bobcat was in the right spot in some high brush and we couldn't coax him out, so we didn't want to wound him. We
will call him up next time. The second yote in the pic was called up about 0730am. We walked about 1\2 mile from the main road to a secluded creek bottom. The yote came running in from behind me at full speed. He startled me because he was there so quick and came from the direction that we came from. I guess she had a den in the open field behind us. I dropped her at 20 yards with my 222/20g savage combo rifle/shotgun. I used the 20g 3" mag buckshot. We where tired and called it a day. I guess the next round is still to come.

Thanks and gotta run

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