Joe Alexander's Turkey Hunt
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By Joe Alexander

(From Internet spring '98 Issue)

It was another great day in Upstate NY, shiny gray sky with a nice mist falling down. After working a small brush field with everybody talking and nobody moving, we decided it was time to try another area. I, along with my hunting partners, George and John, crossed to the opposite side of the road. Our new spot would be two large hay fields divided by a big hook in the creek. I headed back to the far corner, always a hot spot for deer, set up my decoys and made my set up. George was up on the point and John headed down toward the creek. We called back and forth for so long that everyone seemed to get tired of the whole process.

Then it happened from the opposite side of the field...a "look out everyone, big Tommy is coming out to play" gobble. A few hot hen yelps from my H.S. Struts triple glass call and big tommy is upon me. As he breaks the rise with his head fully extended, I set down the call and start to move into shooting position. Big Tommy was on the alert and knew that the calling was not coming from those "lazy" birds on the edge of the field. Something was over there in the woods. He looked at the decoys and he looked towards me. Back and forth, he looked and looked. The seconds passed like hours.

With my heart in my throat, I made my best turkey sound. That was too much for Tommy, he went right to the decoys. That "jake" was not going to move in on his good looking new hen. He started to display and strut as he moved closer and closer. As he strutted into range, I let loose a 2 3/4 inch XX with No.4's from my Ruger with fulll choke. A solid hit to the neck meant that Tommy was dinner! As I picked up my decoys and gear, George came over the hill to say that it was 11:50.

Tommy dressed out at 14 lbs. with a 91/4 inch bird and 3/4 inch spurs. He was the guest of honor at the Alexander's Mother's Day Gala.

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