Hilts Bow Buck
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By Mike Hilts- Fall 1999

Six days into the New York bow season and I had yet to see a buck, but all that changed Thursday
morning (the 21st of October). Out of the thick brush behind me, a doe with two little ones busted into the hard woods and stopped, suddenly looking behind them as if being chased by something.Moments later, a steady grunting sound erupted from the brush sending the three deer running. All I remember seeing is this BIG rack charging in and stopping directly under my stand. As I pulled back my Browning Backdraft 80, the
buck saw movement from above and started to bolt back to the thick
brush. However, luck was on my side that morning, as I got a
quick shot off which proved to be a vital one. He ran 40 yards and
This summer won't come quick
enough as this is when I get my trophy back from the taxidermist!!! (Bill Yox) 9-point, field dressed at 200lbs. soon
to be scored!

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