Bucksnort's Game Room
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Welcome to our game room. Here you will see many of the animals harvested by Andrew Lewand in New York as well as many from across the country. Enjoy!

A few friends to watch TV with

One of my Eastern turkeys

This Rio came from Kansas

A shaggy coyote and a full strut Rio

My wall of bucks

The North wall features turkeys

My Wyoming Antelope and a Merriams from South Dakota

Some assorted racks and a red fox

My son Evan and a hybrid Eastern/Merriams from South Dakota

A fine NY black squirrel

Here are 2 of my beard/spur displays. The turkey figurines are from the Dansbury Mint Collection.

Here is a unique wood carved mirror.

A collection of neat picture frames

NY Squirrels

A baby raccoon atop a handpainted chest

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