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The “May Madness” Turkey Challenge

Get ready for BUCKSNORT’S greatest contest ever!

Bucksnort "May Madness” Rules:

Contest is open to hunters in New York State hunting during the current Spring season. Winning birds will be determined by beard length (length of longest strand). If a tie occurs, the total spur length will determine winner. Each hunter can enter two birds.

1st and 2nd place winners will be awarded. 75% of cash to 1st place, 25% of cash to second place. Other prizes to be announced!

Report your turkey to Bucksnort officials for inclusion in published contest results. It is your responsibility to report your bird.

BUCKSNORT absorbs no funds from the Turkey Challenge, so all prizes are in direct relationship to the number of entrants. Don’t miss out and tell your friends!

Send registration to:
Andrew Lewand
48 Grandview Drive
Fairport, NY 14450

For more details call: (585) 223-5324

** Be sure to register before the start of the NYS turkey season. Only legally taken turkeys will be eligible for contest**



Be sure to fill out completely as we are updating our database.

Here is my $ 5.00, enter me in the contest____

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