Coyote & Fox Hunting Regulations
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Coyote season 2005-06 Oct 1 - March 26

You are no longer required to pelt seal a coyote. If you take a coyote you must report the take within 48 hours via the DECALS reporting system at 1-866-GAMERPT (1-866-426-3778)

Fox season Oct 25- Feb 15

Furbearer Hunting:

To hunt furbearers, you need to possess a junior hunting, small game, small/big game, sportsman, super sportsman, nonresident hunting, or nonresident super sportsman license. A trapping or big game license does not allow you to hunt furbearers. Furbearers may be hunted with a bow or firearm as described below. All laws pertaining to the use of a spotlight and firearm apply.

You may hunt red and gray fox, coyote, bobcat, raccoon, skunk, mink, weasel and opossum.
If you take a bobcat, it must be tagged and sealed.
You may use a call, including an electronic call.

You may hunt furbearers only after sunrise on the opening day. They may be taken at any hour, day or night, for the rest of their hunting season.

Skunk may be hunted during their open trapping season.
Mink may only be hunted in the Southern Zone with a firearm not larger than .22 caliber during their open trapping season. Mink may not be hunted with a firearm in the Northern Zone
Muskrat may only be hunted on Lake Champlain during the open trapping seasonwith a firearm not larger than a .22 caliber.
You may hunt furbearers during the day using any handgun, shotgun, rifle or bow. You may hunt at night as described below:
Furbearer Hunting at Night
You may hunt furbearers at night, with or without a light, as follows:

Use any handgun or bow.
Use a shotgun loaded with shot (any size).

Use a rifle chambered in any cartridge, except that you may not possess a centerfire rifle afield, during the day or night, during any open season for deer in areas restricted to using a shotgun only for deer.

If hunting without a light, the use of a light gathering ("starlight") scope is legal on any firearm listed above.

11-0523. Destructive or menacing wildlife; taking without permit.

1. Owners and lessees and members of their immediate families actually occupying or cultivating lands, and persons authorized in writing and actually employed by them in cultivating such lands, may take (a) unprotected wildlife other than birds and (b) starlings, common crows and, subject to section 11-0513, pigeons, when such wildlife is injuring their property or has become a nuisance thereon. Such taking may be done in any manner, notwithstanding any provision of the Fish and Wildlife Law, except section 11-0513, or the Penal Law or any other law.

6. Raccoons, coyotes or fox injuring private property may be taken by the owner, occupant or lessee thereof, or an employee or family member of such owner, occupant or lessee, at any time in any manner.

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