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Bark at the Moon Gear Box

We thought it might be interesting to feature some of the equipment that We use in pursuit of predators. While we do not claim to have all the answers related to equipent, do have managed to come up with some neat ideas. Maybe you can get some ideas to incorporate into your hunting and enhance your success and comfort while afield
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We have experimented alot over the years with the use of decoys. It would seem to make sense that appealing to two of the predators senses is better than one.

Foxpro's Jack In The Box Decoy promises to be great. I just received it, so it has not been used yet! NEW FOR 2005-06 SEASON

Here is the new Whirling Woodpecker
Decoy from Outfoxed Products. Looks great, I have not used it yet. Can't wait til december!

Here is another decoy for 2005. It is called a panic mouse 360 and can be purchased at Petsmart stores for $ 24.00 I have painted mine gray and green and them put some white sports tape on it for winter snow camo.

This remote control rabbit should make a few predators curious. He is named Sampson the Bionic Bunny and made his debut on December 25, 2001

LEFT = Stuffed fake rabbit
RIGHT = Feather Flex Rabbit

Here is my homemade, low budget decoy. It features a moton ball and some faux fur that I bought at a fabric store.


Here is my Remington model # 700 in .223. It has a custom trigger, oversize trigger guard and a 6 x 18 scope. The bipod shown is the Stoney Point.

Here is my Remington Model 700 in .223. You will notice it is topped with a 6 x 12 scope and a niteforce spotlight for hunts in the dark. The Harris Bipod is the model with long range extensions, but I'd like to see them extend even farther so that I could use a stool for increased comfort.


This one million power rechargable light is terrific for spotting predators at night. The light comes with red and orange lens covers, recharger and car adaptor so you can refresh light in between calling locations

Here a couple of seats I use for set ups. The turkey seat (on left) is nice because it keeps the shooter slightly elevated for vision and off the ground to escape moisture. However, I find that I am positioned slightly high to take a comfortable shot with the extended Harris bipod. The padded seat on right side of pic is nice because it is very light to carry and has a hook to attach to a belt. Shooting from this seat is very comfortable.

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