WNYS Predator Hunt Details
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The Contest Details


The idea behind the hunt is to have a weekend event full of predator calling action. From the organizer's standpoint, the focus of the event is to provide a friendly predator calling event for hunters of all experience and skill levels. In the past, the winners received a large sum of money for their efforts. For 2007, the emphasis will not be on capturing the prize money, but rather simply participating in a fun hunt.

- Entry fee money will be used to provide raffle prizes in addition to what our sponsors provide.
- The top four place winners will received trophies and cash prizes
- The event will include a skinning demonstration, a question & answer panel discussion and a howling contest (tenative)
- Check-in time is 1:00 - 2:00 PM


The contest date is Saturday January 27 & Sunday January 28, 2007. (date is tenative)Contest starts at Dusk on Friday night for callers. All hunters must be registered before event starts. Entry form w/ payment must be received on or prior to Wednesday January 24, 2007. See entry form link for details on where to send entry form & payment.


Any hunter who posses a NYS hunting license can join contest.

We will have 2 divisions...
Calling Division
one man team = $ 15.00 fee
two man team = $ 25.00 fee
(fee is tenative as of 1/29/06)

You are signing up as a one or two man team and must hunt as one team. It is against contest rules to combine team efforts for callers and dog hunters.

Dog Running Division
Ten men on a team = $ 100.00 entry fee


Hunters can hunt anywhere in New York State. We do not provide areas to hunt, that is up to the hunters.


All hunters must abide by NYS game laws. Hunters must present their game at time of check-in ( 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM)

Only animals taken during contest hours are eligible.

No trapped animals allowed.

No road kill animals allowed.

Each animal may be biologically examined.

Attach a piece of paper to each animal stating which day is was taken and also the time of day.

Tie a rope connecting hind feet so that the animals can be displayed for photos

Winners will be awarded Trophy & Cash for the four top finishers. 100% pay out!

Calling Division Winners to be determined using a point system...

Coyote = ten (10) points
Fox (red/gray)= five (5) points

In the case of a tie, total weight will determine winner.

Dogs Division will use body weight of single coyote as criteria. Each group can only enter one coyote to place for awards.

Other prizes will be raffled at check-in party. You must be in attendance to win raffle prizes. The prizes are great... So, do not miss out, Plan on attending!


There is only one check-in and that is on Sunday January 28th at 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM. The check-in will take place at the Genesee Conservation League,1570 Old Penfield Road,Rochester, NY 14625. After the check-in, we will have a social gathering. Prizes will be awarded and door prizes will be drawn. This promises to be a great time. Food and drink will be available. Meet area hunters and have a good time! Don't miss out!


You must be present at check-in to be elilgible for raffle prizes. Bring photo ID to receive prizes.

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